Meet Grand Teton Ancient Grains

Nestled in southeast Idaho at the foothills of the Grand Teton mountain range, we are a family-owned and operated farm and mill committed to restoring ancient grains to the family dinner table.

We’ve been on this ancient grains journey for more than fifteen years and have only grown more passionate about our mission. We are intrigued by the unique story and nutrient profile of each of our ancient grains, and we work hard to preserve and make these grains available across the world.

As sixth-generation farmers, we insist on cultivating our farmland using proven organic and regenerative methods that build up our soil and pack nutrition into the foods we grow. This means we:

  • Utilize crop rotation, intercropping, microbes, and compost to build soil fertility, which creates nutrient-rich foods.
  • Do not use pesticides or herbicides of any kind on our crops (we also do not use glyphosate).
  • Protect our crops throughout the harvest, storage, and cleaning to ensure they arrive in excellent condition.

Our ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means your breads, pastas, or anything else you lovingly create will always be fresh, nutrient-packed, and downright delicious.

Whether you stop by someday for a tour or simply visit our website, we hope you always know we are dedicated to restoring the finest ancient grains to your family table.

Thank you for supporting our family farm and mill!

Our Mission

When God created the earth, the plants and foods provided were sufficient for our needs. Many benefits have come through science and learning, but only to the extent that they help us better understand what we already have. That's why when it comes to foods and health, we believe many of the old ways are best, just as God created it.

You’ve heard it said, “you are what you eat”, a truth that points to a likely cause of some of the physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual challenges of our day.

Eating healthy is about much more than counting calories and carbs. We must also look at the sustainability of farming practices, how our food is grown, prepared, served, and even the historical origins of the plant seeds. 

In the end, we’re supporting those who are on their personal journey to health. That’s why YOU are essential to this movement. Your story of wellness may become the inspiration for others who will come to you in the future to find their own answers. Please feel free to reach out and share your story so we can follow along!

Grand Teton Mountain Range
Grand Teton Mountain Range
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