Millet Nutritional Benefits

Recently, millet has started receiving more attention from researchers than in past years. The findings have been very encouraging. They've discovered many health benefits associated with the grain. It is high in many nutrients essential to our health. This is a summary of what those are and what th...Read More

Amaranth Nutritional Benefits

As amaranth has been coming to light since the 1970s, so have some of its amazing health benefits. I want to focus on five that I found most interesting. A “protein powerhouse.” Amaranth is easily ahead of most all other grains in its protein content (13-14%). The protein in amaranth, though...Read More

Chia Seed History and Origin

The little chia seed is gaining popularity, so it’s worth a look. Chia seeds can be black or white (brown indicates that the seed is unripe). There is no difference nutritionally. White or black, this little seed has a lot to be proud of. Let’s talk about how it all began. The Aztecs boast the f...Read More

Chia Seed Nutritional Benefits

One of those special foods that have earned the nickname “superfood,” Chia seeds are known for some pretty awesome health benefits. Chia seeds are gluten free and a good addition for almost anyone (People who are allergic to mustard or sesame seeds may also be sensitive to chia). For the majorit...Read More

Teff History and Origin

Here, we’re going to delve into the smallest grain there is. Teff comes to us from Ethiopia. Its tiny size (less than 1mm in diameter) has led some to believe that its name comes from the Amharic word for “lost.”  Teff is relatively new to developing countries but thrives in Ethiopia and has ...Read More

Teff Nutritional Benefits

While teff is a seed and not actually a grain at all, it can be used in many of the same ways. Also, it boasts a few nutritional advantages that aren’t found in a lot of other grains as well as some universal wholegrain benefits. It’s worth asking why teff is all of the sudden surfacing as a hea...Read More

Spelt History and Origin

Spelt is another member of the farro family and goes by the name Farro Grande. It was originally cultivated in what is now Iran and possibly simultaneously in southeastern Europe. It was a staple of its day and is one of the very first wheats used to make bread. In the Middle Ages, it was even thoug...Read More

Spelt Nutritional Benefits

Like all grains left to themselves, Spelt has a lot of really great health benefits. It’s a rich source of fiber, magnesium, niacin and contributes 57% of our daily value of phosphorus. Phosphorus is useful in so many places in the body especially the bones and teeth. Spelt also contains a lot of ...Read More

Einkorn History and Origin

Let’s take a look at the most ancient wheat there is. Einkorn, also called Farro Piccolo, is known as “nature’s original wheat.” In a world where wheat digestion is an ever present problem, it’s worth a look not only because of how it helps our bodies but, why. Einkorn most likely origi...Read More
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