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Hello! And welcome to our brand new site!

Thanks for stopping by. This new and improved website featuring our new name — Grand Teton Ancient Grains — has been quite the project. We are so excited to finally have it live. We are more committed than ever to the ancient grains mission.

We hope this will become an all-inclusive ancient grains hub! A place people can not only access ancient grains themselves but learn how and why to use them.

We have been making huge changes to our farm and mill (stay tuned for more) that will enable us to provide the freshest and best products possible.

BUT that’s not all.

Even for the grains we don’t currently carry, we are here to help. Here you will find information on the history and nutrition of every grain we feature. We want to honor the unique heritage of each of the grains, including some of the people who have helped to preserve them. We also want to get a feel for the health benefits of each grain. We’ve done the leg work so you don’t have to.

We are also committed to providing top-notch recipes that will enable you to easily incorporate these grains into your life.

The content on this website will be an ongoing labor of love. We will make every effort to stay up to date on the latest research and feature recipes and stories about the grains we love.

We are all in the Ancient Grains movement! We hope you join us!

Visit our about page to read more about our team and mission.

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    1. Grand Teton Ancient Grains

      Hi Mary, Yes they are though it’s not a perfect way to think of it. We run it through 7 cleaning machines, sometimes twice. We used to run it through 2 cleaning machines 3 times. We added more machines to reduce passes

  1. Have a serious food tolerance and major IBS symptoms along with a very sensitive GI Tract – bought a box of Quinoa Flakes and it was very easy on my system. The store where I purchased it no longer has it even though online it says they do.
    How can we get the stores to carry it as it is quick to cook and very gentle on the system?

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