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25 lbs Whole Grain Organic Einkorn

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  1. Includes 1 paper bag containing 25 lbs
  2. Ships via UPS Ground in a sturdy box
  3. Certified USDA Organic Whole Grain Einkorn
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Product Description

This item includes one (1) heavy duty paper bag containing 25 lbs of certified USDA Organic Einkorn whole grains, sometimes known as Einkorn Berries.

Ships via UPS Ground in a sturdy box.

Premium food grade, ready for sprouting*, milling flour for baking, or used as a whole grain for salads, pilafs and soups.

To learn more about Einkorn, please see the Einkorn blog.

*Hull removal affects germination rate, which we tested and found to be 40-50%.

Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs


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