January 31

Emily B.

I purchased 15 lbs. of einkorn a little while ago. Now that I’ve used it some, I thought I’d take the time to say thanks for making it available! First of all, our family of 8 can actually talk to each other while I’m grinding this grain. It grinds SOOOO quietly. The flour it makes is divinely soft and powdery, even on a significantly coarser grind than what I would use for whole wheat. The recipe I’m using for the bread is ridiculously fast and simple yet still makes a soft loaf. Best of all…it’s so tasty! We are very picky, hubby even hates whole wheat and said einkorn “isn’t bad at all”! That’s quite a victory. Although it’s rather expensive for our family to buy (but I love that there’s no surprise shipping fee after the price itself), I hope to be able to continue with it. I just love it! Thank you so much!

January 28

Kay H

I just baked my first loaf of bread using the Einkorn Berries I just bought from you. I ground them in my Vitamix and sifted, then followed my regular recipe for whole wheat bread in my bread maker.i couldn’t believe how nice it turned out! The taste and texture are wonderful, and the color is beautiful! I will be ordering more…Kay H.

Now Shipping Emmer, and Spelt With UPS Ground and Fedex 2 Day Delivery. Einkorn shipments on hold.