Baking & Cooking with Einkorn by Heidi Ellis

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• Includes 80 Easy To Understand Einkorn Recipes
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Discover the magic of Einkorn with “Baking & Cooking with Einkorn” by Heidi Ellis, a long-time customer of Grand Teton Ancient Grains. This comprehensive whole grain Einkorn baking guide features 80 delicious recipes using the ancient grain, Einkorn, which is known for being not only delicious, but healthy and easier to digest. With step by step instructions and tips on healthier ingredient swaps, you’ll be well on your way to incorporating Einkorn into your everyday family recipes. From savory dishes to sweet treats, including sourdough bread, biscuits, waffles, chocolate cake, and more, you’ll learn to bake and cook with nature’s original grain. Start living a healthier lifestyle and enjoy delicious baked goods with this must-have cookbook!

  • FREE Shipping to all 50 US States
  • Makes Cooking With Whole Grain Einkorn Flour Easy And Delicious
  • 80 Delicious And Healthy Einkorn Recipes
  • 270 Pages With Pictures
  • Spiral Binding Allows Cookbook To Lay Flat, Making It Easy To Use While Cooking
  • Includes Easy To Understand Einkorn Recipes With Step By Step Instructions
  • Learn To Cook Everything With Einkorn From Savory Dishes To Sweet Treats, Including Sourdough Bread, Biscuits, Waffles, Chocolate Cake, And More
  • Start Living A Healthier Lifestyle And Enjoy Delicious Baked Goods With This Must-Have Einkorn Cookbook!


Einkorn is nature’s first wheat, cultivated by farmers over 5,000 years ago. We’re on a mission to restore ancient Einkorn wheat to our modern diets. Heidi’s new book is a great way to help more people understand how they can easily make many delicious and nutritious foods using the Einkorn we grow on our farm in Idaho.

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Baking & Cooking with Einkorn


Heidi Ellis

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270 Pages

Date Published

January 1, 2021


1.3 lbs

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Spiral Bound

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80 Recipes



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2 reviews for Baking & Cooking with Einkorn by Heidi Ellis

  1. Marvin Johnson

    I’m so excited to find this Einkorn cook book. I have been struggling to figure out how to bake with Einkorn wheat but things kept turning out really dense. On page 1 of Baking and Cooking with Einkorn I found Tips on How to Use Einkorn and this section alone has made all the difference. I was using the wrong amount of water for this kind of wheat and I was working my dough too much. The author, Heidi Ellis, has figured everything out for me so I don’t have to figure it out on my own. The recipes are very thorough and easy to understand. I have made bread, dinner rolls, and pizza dough and they all turned out perfectly. Thank you Grand Teton Ancient Grains for selling this cookbook on your website.

  2. pmd1 (verified owner)

    This book will help you shortcut your way to success with using einkorn wheat.
    The author, Heidi Ellis, has been working with einkorn wheat since 2014 and I believe this book would be a welcome addition to your einkorn library. She provides numerous tips and ideas that can help you on the road to becoming proficient with all things einkorn.
    Einkorn is an excellent, easily digestible wheat. Heidi presents over 70 delicious einkorn recipes that include breads, biscuits, tortillas, pizza, muffins, pancakes, waffles, cookies, cakes, frostings, pies, brownies, bars, doughnuts, crackers, cupcakes and a 24 page section on the art of making sourdough einkorn bread. I appreciate that her sourdough recipe ingredients are listed in grams since precision is critical when baking sourdough bread. All of her other recipes are non-sourdough and are presented using conventional measures such as cups, tablespoons, etc. However, all of the recipes also include the weight of the einkorn flour in ounces to ensure the proper amount of flour is used. Included are conversion charts for the measurement of dry ingredients by weight, and liquid measurements by volume.
    All of the recipes exclude refined sugars, preservatives, various synthetics or other unhealthy items. Charts are included that identify healthier vs less healthy ingredients and all of the recipes have the healthier ingredients built right in them. Last but not least, I found that her recipes are easy to follow and delightful in taste!
    Thanks to Heidi for the countless hours in experimenting with einkorn and writing this book. Many thanks also to the entire Grand Teton Ancient Grains family for providing this wonderful grain.

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Our Family And Team at Grand Teton Ancient Grains

Our Mission

Since 2009 our family's been on a bootstrapped quest to restore healthier ancient grains to the American dinner table.

Today, we've grown to employ people throughout our small Idaho community.

Your support means a lot to everyone here at our family farm and mill.

A Different Kind of Gluten

Einkorn is an ancient grain that has a different kind of gluten, a “good gluten,” with a simpler chromosomal thumbprint.

Customers tell us they and their families find Einkorn much easier to digest than industrialized modern wheat.

Different Gluten
Milling Process

Our Fresh Milling Process

To ensure every batch of Einkorn flour meets the highest standards of baking-ready quality and freshness, we developed a unique 8-stage state-of-the-art grain-cleaning gauntlet.

From there, the Einkorn enters our stone mill where fine flour is freshly milled, then sifted to remove most of the bran, ensuring a light, beautiful all-purpose organic flour.

This way, you know our flour is fresh as it gets.

And because it is stone milled, it still contains the all-important Einkorn germ, loaded with healthy vitamins and antioxidants.

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