Ancient Flours and Grains

We’re an organic family farm and mill in Idaho restoring ancient grains.


Ancient Flours and Berries

We’re an organic family farm and mill in Idaho restoring ancient grains.

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Meet Grand Teton Ancient Grains

Welcome to our farm and mill!

As a family, we believe that when it comes to our health and our planet, many of the old ways are best.

That’s certainly true of ancient grains.

When God created the earth, the plants and foods provided were sufficient for our needs.

We are so grateful for modern science and technology that helps us understand and incorporate these amazing foods.

We have made it our mission to preserve, study, and provide easy access to these ancient grains for as many people as possible. We appreciate your support!

Learn more about our family here or scroll down to meet the grains.

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Ancient Grains

Einkorn, the most primitive wheat available on earth, contains a different type of gluten than modern wheat.
Spelt is the ancient wheat of the Romans. It is also known as Farro Grande.


Emmer, also known as Farro or Farro Medio, is the ancient ancestor of modern wheat and a cousin to einkorn.
Hard White Wheat is a popular grain among bakers who want light-colored foods.
Khorasan is a large, healthy, and versatile grain from Mesopotamia.
Millet is a tiny, gluten-free cereal grain that is high in protein and antioxidants.
Quinoa is a superfood pseudocereal from South America.
Rye, an ancient grain from grass, used as a cereal for centuries in Central and Eastern Europe, brings unique flavors and colors to foods.

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Amaranth is a naturally gluten-free pseudo-cereal that boasts a mineral-rich nutrient profile and a wide variety of uses.
Black chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse from central and southern Mexico.
Black nile barley is a cereal grain with a wide range of uses and health benefits.
Buckwheat is a popular fruit seed that can be used in place of grains.
Hemp hearts are the soft inside of hemp seeds. They are gluten-free and nutrient-rich.
Teff originates in Ethiopia and is the smallest grain but packs a nutritional punch.

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Ancient Grains

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Ancient Grain Flour

There are many ancient grains available for purchase on the Grand Teton Ancient Grains website. Each one is unique in its nutrition and use. Here we will give a brief rundown of each grain and its flour, so you can…

Ancient Grains Blog

Kamut® vs Khorasan: Unraveling the Brand Name Misconception

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Einkorn and Green Bean Salad

Ancient Grain Recipes

Great bakers need amazing ways to use our grains.

Take a look at our growing list of recipes to find awesome ways to share great-tasting food with your family!

Our Customers
Are Saying

I purchased Einkorn from your site and I'd like to take the time to say thanks for making it available! It grinds SOOOO quietly.

The flour it makes is divinely soft and powdery, even on a significantly coarser grind than what I would use for whole wheat. Best of all…it's so tasty!

Emily B.

Satisfied Customer

I just baked my first loaf of bread using the Einkorn Berries I just bought from you. I ground them and sifted, then followed my regular recipe for whole wheat bread in my bread maker.

I couldn't believe how nice it turned out! The taste and texture are wonderful, and the color is beautiful! I will be ordering more!

Kay H.

Impressed Baker
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