When God created the earth, the plants and foods provided were sufficient for our needs. Many benefits have come through science and learning, but only to the extent that they help us better understand what we already have.

This Ancient Grains project is like that for us. We are learning a lot about what we already have and making it available to more people than ever before. We hope you enjoy the grains as much as we do. When properly used, they are a healthy and nutritious gift from God.

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Einkorn wheat, also known as farro piccolo, is the world's most primitive form of available wheat. Our website allows you to buy whole einkorn berries, get nutritional fact, and print recipes.

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Spelt is a descendent of Emmer, and is known in Italy as Farro Grande. Although spelt is an ancient grain, it is also the least ancient of the three farro grains.

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Emmer is the ancient ancestor of modern wheat. It's known as farro medio, or commonly as farro, in Italy. The Egyptians produced Emmer as a primary crop. Therefore, it's no surprise that Roman Gener

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Gluten Free


Although this isn't necessarily a grain, its nutritional makeup is similar, so it is often included within the cereal grain family. This plant's incredible strength and ability to survive allowed Az

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This wonderful food was orignally found in the Andes Mountains of south america, this being a pseudo-cereal belongs to the family of gooseroot and is a great and healthy seed. But it can be used lik

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This grain comes from Africa and Asia and was very popular in those areas as it was one of the main crops there nearly 10,000 years ago. It has been found in achealogical remains of pit houses along

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The Aztecs boast the first record of Chia as early as 3500B.C. It was, in fact, one of the main foods in the Aztec diet. The prevalence of Chia continued for quite some time. Later, between 1500 and

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Black Nile Barley is packed with high antioxidant levels proudly displayed in it's black, or rather, dark purple color. The color comes with the concentrated presence of anthocyanin, the powerful a

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Organic Hemp Hearts are an outstanding dietary supplement, supporting brain, eye, cardiovascular and cellular health. Hemp hearts are a great source of Vitamin E and are full of easy to digest prote

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From the mountains of Peru to plains of the Fertile Crescent, we’re restoring precious ancient grains come from across the world and bringing them to your dinner table.

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