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Order any of the following and get free shipping to all 50 US States:

  1. 48lb berries
  2. 40lb flour
  3. 3.5 Gallon Pail for Long-Term Storage
  4. Fill a box with an assortment of your choice (see "How To Fill The Box", below)

The following will not ship free to Hawaii and Alaska but will ship free to the other 48 US States:

  1. 6 Gallon Pails for Long-Term Storage
  2. Grain Mills and Grain Flakers

Grains and flour are heavy so shipping companies limit the weight of boxes to keep employees safe. We have designed our packaging and shipping to ensure every box is full, while still complying with the shipping company rules. This is why you will see odd bag sizes on our website such as 7.5 lb or 24 lb.


We offer free delivery on any combination or assortment of products you add to your cart as long as it fills an entire 12x12x12 inch box or more.

In general, a 12x12x12 inch box is filled by one of these scenarios:

  • 6 small bags of berries (7.5lb)
  • 8 small bags of flour (5lb)
  • 2 large bags (20lb or 24lb) - flour or berries
  • 1, 3.5 gallon pail

Here are a few examples of ways to get free shipping (fill a box), out of many configurations you can choose:

  1. One 24lb bag of berries, plus one 20lb bag of flour
  2. Three 7.5lb bags of berries, plus one 20lb bag of flour
  3. Three 7.5lb bags of berries, plus one 24lb bag of berries
  4. Four 5lb bags of flour and three 7.5lb bags of berries

Feel free to explore with different configurations. As soon as your cart meets the criteria for free shipping, the free shipping method will appear at checkout!


We offer shipping through multiple carries so that we can accommodate as many areas and needs as possible. Our carriers include, UPS (United Parcel Service), Fedex (Federal Express), and USPS (United States Postal Service).

Please note:

Our website is designed to offer the shipping cost and method based on your shipping location and the box size required. Regardless of the method you choose at checkout, we reserve the right to deliver your order using a method or carrier other than the one you select at checkout. The shipping method we use may include one of the options below, or another carrier.

Standard Shipping

  • Allows us to ship using the least expensive shipping method. Methods can include UPS, Fedex, or USPS.
  • Delivery to all 50 US States, including Hawaii and Alaska.
  • 4-6 days delivery, after it ships
  • The shipping method we select will be emailed to you, along with the tracking number, once your order ships.
  • No delivery to PO Boxes

Fedex Air

  • Delivery to all 50 US States, including Hawaii and Alaska
  • 2-3 days delivery, after it ships
  • No delivery to PO Boxes

UPS Ground Delivery

  • Delivery to all 50 US States
  • 5-8 days delivery, after it ships
  • No delivery to PO Boxes


  • Delivery to lower 48 states only
  • Not available for delivery to Hawaii or Alaska
  • 2-3 days delivery, after it ships
  • No delivery to PO Boxes


  • Delivery to all 50 US States, including Hawaii and Alaska
  • 5-8 days delivery, after it ships
  • The only shipping option for US Territories, including Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Minor US Islands
  • The only shipping option available for APO, FPO, and Canada
  • For shipments to Canada, the maximum shipment size is 20lbs in a large box
  • Will deliver to PO Boxes


Your order will sometimes arrive in more than one box because we are unable to load a box with more than 50lbs. When your package arrives, you may find that your shipment was split into multiple shipments to make delivery possible. Boxes may arrive on different days, and sometimes from different carriers.


Free Shipping is not available in the following cases:

  • PO Boxes. If you provide a PO Box to for your shipping address, your order is not eligible for Free Shipping. In addition, if you want us to ship to a PO Box, you must select USPS as the shipping method.
  • Grain Mills/Flakers as well as 6 Gallon Pails to Hawaii & Alaska do not ship free. To get shipping prices, add items to your cart then enter your address in the shopping cart.

If you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to contact us.

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