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Spelt Tortillas

Tortillas are such a staple in an average American household, and we believe every baker should have a tried and true recipe in their back pocket. Good tortillas should tick each of these five boxes: taste, texture, flexibility, durability, and…

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Spelt and Einkorn Bagels

    When it comes to comfort food, a bagel smothered in cream cheese comes pretty close to the top of the list. Their chewy texture and rich flavor are so satisfying. These Spelt and Einkorn Bagels will deliver everything…

Recipes, Spelt Recipes

Delicious Apple Pie Cookie Bars with Spelt Flour

Today we’re making another delicious fall treat: Apple Pie Bars Made with Spelt Flour. Every bite is packed with texture and flavor. It’s sure to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. This Apple Pie Spelt bar recipe has 3…

Recipes, Spelt Recipes

Spelt Pumpkin Bars with Maple Frosting

These Spelt Pumpkin Bars with Maple frosting are the perfect fall dessert. Sweet, soft with all the warmth of pumpkin spice that everyone craves this time of year.   There are a few things that make these Spelt Pumpkin Bars…

Spelt, Spelt Recipes

Whole-Grain Spelt Breadsticks

  As the season of soul-healing soups approaches, the question we need to ask ourselves is “What delicious bread will I serve as a side for this amazing soup?” And if you couldn’t guess, these Spelt breadsticks are the answer….

Recipes, Spelt Recipes

Whole Grain Spelt Waffles

    Who doesn’t love a good waffle? No one, that’s who. Today we are excited to share a whole grain waffle recipe using flour made from our organic Spelt berries. This classic breakfast gets even better when you know…

Recipes, Spelt Recipes

Peaches and Cream Spelt Porridge

If you’re looking for new, healthy breakfast ideas, this simple and easy recipe is for you! We are proud to present another delicious recipe from Becky Striepe. This spelt porridge is a hardy meal that will satisfy the hungriest of…

Recipes, Spelt Recipes

Spelt Biscuits

  I remember when I was a kid, one of my favorite jobs when helping with dinner was cutting biscuits. Part of it was  that I always had an affinity for biscuits. It was my favorite bread side dish. Mom…

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