Chia Seed Nutritional Benefits

One of those special foods that have earned the nickname “superfood,” Chia seeds are known for some pretty awesome health benefits. Chia seeds are gluten free and a good addition for almost anyone (People who are allergic to mustard or sesame seeds may also be sensitive to chia). For the majority of us, chia seeds make some big promises. The following are some of the most common:


1 ounce of chia seeds contains 10 grams of fiber! That is good news for our digestion, hearts, and weight. A good amount of fiber can decrease our risk for some scary things like colon cancer and heart disease.


Chia is a great source of protein. There are 5 grams per ounce! Also, chia contains all nine essential amino acids making it a complete source of protein.


When chia seeds are mixed with water, they absorb the liquid and form a gel. In this way, the conversion from carbs to sugar is slowed making for more lasting energy. They can help improve endurance, muscle repair, and mobility. Another advantage of the chia seeds gelling is weight loss. It keeps you full longer and decreases appetite.

BLOOD GLUCOSE                                                                                                                                             

Chia seeds can help prevent diabetes. These little seeds control blood glucose levels, diminish body fat, and decrease insulin resistance.


Due to the fiber and nutrients, chia acts as a natural detoxifying agent. It can cleanse our bodies of harmful things and help us feel and look healthier.


Omega-3 fatty acids are so important to our health. There are very few sources of these acids besides seafood. Chia is one of them (4500mg/oz)! These acids can help keep our skin moisturized. Also, chia boasts other nutrients that contribute to the health of our hair and nails. A good natural way to improve your appearance.



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